About LDA of New Hampshire

LDA of New Hampshire

The Learning Disabilities Association of New Hampshire (LDA-NH) is a state affiliate of the Learning Disabilities Association of America. We are a grass-roots, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to providing support, programs, and practical information in partnership with parents, educators, and other professionals to benefit individuals who experience learning disabilities and their families.


Our Mission

  • Educate individuals with learning disabilities and their parents about the nature of the disabilities and inform them of their rights.
  • Encourage research in neurophysiological and psychological aspects of learning disabilities.
  • Create a climate of public awareness.
  • Improve regular and special education through collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education and the NH Departments of Education and Departments of Education in each state.
  • Disseminate information widely.
  • Provide advocacy information and training.

Become a Member today!

Our national LDAA offers a current library of topics of interest in webinar or virtual format that can be accessed by LDA of NH/ NHLDA members at reduced rates or even free of charge. Members can earn professional development certificates for participation. Do you have a very busy schedule? Our past webinars can be accessed at any time. Currently our Library offers over 40 hours of webinar archives featuring important topics such as Reading Skills, Math and Dyscalculia issues, Homework Management, Adult Supports and College Services.

Our LDA of NH/ NHLDA organization and members are tuned in to practical problem-solving for every day challenges encountered by individuals who experience learning disabilities and their families. We have life experiences and knowledge to share and learn from each other from the perspectives of individuals who experience learning disabilities and their families. We want these perspectives included in decision-making for support and services. We want our voices to be heard and acknowledged. We are all part of the journeys toward gaining independence and self-directed fulfillment of each person’s potential.

LDA of New Hampshire welcomes you!